I’ve lost track of how many people

have made comments or questioned how I could possibly have had her living alone. And yet the physical therapist yesterday didn’t give me any reason to believe that it’s not their goal and expectation that she return home under the same conditions. She said mom has good stamina and can walk but just has no confidence. I’m gonna need meds after all this.

  1. iamjustcara said: If we doubt their will to be themselves & do it themselves then they’ll doubt themselves too. I don’t question why you did it. I know it comes from a good place. I know how much you care & how hard you work to help from 1000s of miles away. ((Hugs)) <3
  2. cattyfantastic said: who the hell’s business it is? tell them to fuck right the hell off! ;) it’s a nuanced situation and you are doing the best that you can for you and your mom. SUPER BIG HUGS!
  3. pocketcuntents said: "People" suck.
  4. knowledgesponge said: Ignore them. OMG I can’t believe people have said that! I am so sorry. Hugs.
  5. monkeyfrog said: I don’t think you have done anything that doesn’t make sense. Not a thing. Medications and the elderly are a constant battle.
  6. thejenneral said: Hugs!!! Sending good thoughts your way.
  7. nolagrrlnyc posted this
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